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Welcome to Inner Power Pilates

We are the first and only dedicated professional Pilates studio on the Fylde Coast.  We offer mat and Reformer Pilates classes, group and individual sessions, as well as restorative exercise and the odd yoga class.

If you KNOW that cheap get fit, get thin, exercise and diet gimmicks rarely work or only work in the short-term, and that repetitive, high impact movements may get some short-term gains, but mainly result in sore muscles, aching joints, bad postural habits and injury then Inner Power Pilates is for you.

We are focused on providing you with the skills and tools you need to move well through life.  If you are interested in gaining greater strength, flexibility and overall health and vitality, then our studio is the ideal place for you.  We offer a warm and friendly atmosphere with highly qualified professional teachers.  Our studio is small and the emphasis is on you – you are more than just a number on a mat.

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Of Course Online
Shoulder & Hip Workshop
22 & 23 September

We are excited to be hosting Tanya from Of Course Online this coming September with two workshops for fitness professionals.  Hip and Shoulder.  For more information and booking details please see our Facebook page for shoulder here and hip here.  For a sneak preview of some of the stuff you’ll be learning, see the video to the right.