Why Train with Us?

There are many training providers to choose from, some offering mainly online content with a few practical weekends thrown in, and those offering a more comprehensive approach.  There are companies out there which are well known within the Pilates industry and those which are less well known, but providing excellent training.

There are many things to consider when choosing a provider, cost and location are two of the main considerations for most people and rightly so, however, choosing a provider based on cost or location alone means that you might be missing out on obtaining the best teacher training programme for you.

We want to ensure that when you leave our courses that you’re not just able to instruct someone how to perform the exercise in question, but that you truly understand why you’re teaching that exercise to that person.  We want to teach you how to think critically about movement and Pilates so that your future clients/Pilates students will stick with you because they can see and feel the results in their own bodies.

Your future Pilates clients will be less interested in what qualification from which school you have on the wall, they will be interested in you as a person, your ability to teach them how to move well, and your ability to help them achieve their goals.  That is what we aim to teach on our course.  We want you to leave being the best that you can be in this growing field of Pilates.

When you do your training with us you will be doing so in a full-time working Pilates studio, rather than a conference room or similar like many Matwork providers use.  This means you will experience the workings of the studio, be able to observe teachers teaching and meet some of the Studio’s students.  All of this additional input is just as valuable as the course itself.  Training in a conference room or similar means you don’t get to experience REAL STUDENTS in REAL SITUATIONS.  At Inner Power Pilates we use our volunteers from our own student population to come in and help you teach.  Learning in this environment is much more stimulating and realistic and means that you will gain greater understanding and skills for teaching when you qualify.  You will also be much less nervous about taking your first classes with your own students as you will know what to expect.

Our course is great if:

  • You want to learn as much as possible about Pilates and how it can impact people’s lives for the better.
  • You want a springboard to a whole new career of working with people and their bodies.
  • You want the additional support and skills that learning in a working studio can provide.
  • You’re interested in gaining more knowledge than just the Level 3 Diploma can provide.
  • You’re interested in observing teachers teaching and working with REAL students, not just practicing on your peers.
  • You are interested in how people move and what we can do as teachers to help them move better, prevent injury and alleviate suffering.
  • You want the business skills and knowledge associated with running an actual Pilates business, not just a training centre.
  • You’re interested in the rehabilitation side of Pilates, injuries (rehab and prevention).
  • You want to teach people in a private or semi-private setting, in your own or someone else’s studio environment or in community settings and small groups, where you can really get hands on and create some change for your students.
  • You are a warm, caring, empathetic person who can let their personality shine through so that your students feel like they’re an individual and not just a number on a mat.

Our course is not so great if:

  • You are looking for a quick and easy course that you can breeze through.
  • You want to teach large groups of people a form of group fitness Pilates, where you might have 20-30 people in a class and can’t possibly keep an eye on them all or reach them individually.
  • You are less interested in Pilates and human movement and more interested in adding the level 3 Pilates qualification so you can add some more classes to your schedule as quickly as possible.

Our training takes place at Inner Power Pilates Studio, Freedom House, Snowdon Road, Lytham St Annes FY8 3DP.  The studio is fully equipped with all the large Pilates apparatus and consists of a ground floor mat room and mezzanine level large equipment space.  There is plenty of onsite free parking and a kitchen area for breakouts.