About You

I have been teaching a very long time now and I have done so many other qualifications that I have almost (not quite) developed a little bit of confidence : )

This is the main thing I see when I go to teacher trainings and on other courses, the people there (including myself), are nervous, worried that they won’t make it, feeling like they don’t know enough or allsorts of other things that we tell ourselves that mean we don’t move forward.  What makes the people I see on these courses different is they’ve battled their demons and come on the course anyway.  They just showed up.

That has to be you.  YOU have to take that leap into the unknown, the leap into something different and trust yourself and us and the universe that it’ll all be fine, which it will be!

Whilst I am not saying that our course is easy and that the assessment won’t make you panic for a few weeks, it’s also not rocket science.  OUR job is to make sure you understand everything, that you can question the reasons why we do things and that you leave our course with our full support and back up.  You will meet some amazing people on your training course, people who will probably stay friends and peers for a long time (including me and Sarah), you just have to show up and be open to learning.

The most successful Pilates teachers aren’t the bendiest or the strongest or those able to do all the moves perfectly, the most successful teachers are the ones that are just like their students (just like all of us), a little bit imperfect, a little bit unsure, and fully able to say “I don’t know… but I’ll find out.”  You don’t need to have all the answers, you don’t need to look like a ballet dancer or have legs like elastic bands, you just need to show up and start learning.

You will be fine, you can do this and YOU WILL BE AWESOME!