What is Active IQ?

The Pilates Profession now has a UK National Standard for Pilates in association with The Register for Exercise Professional, the Level 3 Pilates Matwork Diploma. Whilst this qualification is fairly robust, we believe there are some elements missing.  It is for this reason that we have built our course to cover not only the Level 3 Diploma, but also those additional elements that will help you become not just a Pilates instructor, but a professional Pilates TEACHER. Whether you are looking to train to teach Pilates mat classes (Active IQ Level 3 Mat Pilates) or the full repertoire of studio equipment (PMA Comprehensive Training+ Active IQ Level 3 Mat) we have the course that’s right for you.

We have chosen Active IQ as our awarding body as they were the awarding body for our own training.  Click on the link below to download a PDF of the full qualification guidance.

pdfAIQ 3pil-qualification-guidance-aiq003025 (2)

Our Level 3 Mat course meets all the requirements of the Active IQ guidelines and upon completion you will receive a certificate from Active IQ detailing your Level 3 qualification and a further certificate from Inner Power Pilates detailing your additional education.

Upon completion of the Level 3 qualification, we also have stand-alone Continuing Professional Development Courses and other AIQ accredited training in special populations. You can be confident that all of our courses provide one of the highest levels of face to face training available.