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Pilates is a system of exercises using body weight and special apparatus designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture and enhance the mind-body connection.  The system was developed by Joseph Pilates who was devoted to the ideal of a man balanced in mind, body and spirit.  Depending on your teacher, their area of expertise or interest and who they trained with, you will find many different types of Pilates classes available to you, focusing on anything from low back pain or pregnancy to cross-training the elite athlete to improve core stability and power.

Pilates exercises have been modified, adapted and changed over the last nearly 100 years, so much so that the class you experience with one teacher in one setting can be vastly different from another teacher or studio.  Most Pilates instructors are only qualified to teach basic mat exercises and you will typically find these instructors teaching other forms of exercise in the local gym and at church halls. Instructors (such as ours) who teach on the Pilates apparatus have undergone hundreds of hours of additional training and can only be found in dedicated Pilates studios.

Whilst Pilates mat classes may be the most common form of Pilates, particularly in the North of England, the entire Pilates system is best experienced when you work on the apparatus as well as the mat.  We encourage you to develop a Pilates practice that incorporates the large equipment for many reasons, not least of which is that it accelerates your learning and develops better body awareness, strength and flexibility much quicker than on the mat.  To join our Reformer sessions, you will need to undergo either a one to one or introductory workshop.

Please note that if you have been referred by a medical professional, then a group setting might not be appropriate, so please enquire before booking.