I've not had this much fun since being introduced to painting with fingers at the age of about four!

On Saturday 25 July the Inner Power Pilates team took part in the Colour Splash fun run for Trinity Hospice.  I'm not entirely sure we were meant to use all our paint before the race even started, but by the time the starting horn went, there wasn't one of us that wasn't multicoloured and completely covered in paint.

There were five or six paint stations to run through where overly enthusiastic 'helpers' were ready with enormous drums of different coloured powder and who took great delight in lobbing big shovelfuls at the delighted runners/walkers/crawlers among us.

We had a slight mishap at paint station three with a dusty contact lens, but the offending item was removed and the race continued apace.

Three miles of colour-filled merriment ensued and with donations and entry fees etc. we raised over £300.  Well chuffed 🙂

Don't worry if you missed it this year, we'll be doing it again next year for definite.