Sunday 24 March at 10-1

This is a three hour Pilates Playtime for you to explore the intermediate/advanced work both on the Reformer, Mat and other large equipment.  It is structured as a workshop which, from my point of view involves regular discussion, breakout, experiment, collapse and failure, quickly followed by huge successes.  The idea is not to spend three hours killing yourself, but to spend three hours learning about yourself, how you move, why your body responds in a certain way to an exercise or a specific piece of kit, and to connect the dots of the Pilates system so that you can apply it to your normal Pilates Practice and get more out of your classes.

Unfortunately this workshop is not suited to beginners as you do need to have at least some idea of the order of the exercises and how to use the equipment safely.  If you want to start your Pilates journey with me, then please email me at [email protected].

£45 – max 4 people. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Book here.