Enhance Your Golfing Experience with the Practise of Yoga

For the best golfing experience you must have a strong mind-body connection, mental discipline with the correct skill set to play effectively and to the best of your ability.

Golfers need above average amounts of muscular strength to achieve a powerful golf swing. Having suitable body strength, being fit, healthy and active, knowing how to correctly swing a golf club and having the appropriate range of movement are key to enjoying your golf.

Let’s look at what you need while you play golf and how Yoga can help.

You need a good level of cardiovascular fitness, stamina and muscular strength.  Yoga is a full-body conditioning and exercise programme that improves fitness and stamina and strengthens and tones muscles.

You need strong, resilient posture supported by a healthy spine with strength and support from the muscles of the legs and feet.  Yoga is excellent for increasing spine health. It also engages the large muscle groups including quadriceps and hamstrings and utilises the smaller, deeper muscles to stabilise and support the body.

You need flexible rotational movement throughout the body, including the trunk, hips and the spine, to provide the ability to move appropriately.  Yoga provides rotational movement to help stabilise your golf swing, improving hip flexibility and rotation to add distance to your drives. As golf is a one-sided sport golfers can tend to be stronger on one side of the body. By practising movement, yoga will help bring balance to the body which will strengthen any weaknesses and help prevent injury.

You need the ability to balance to help you feel “grounded or connected” to the earth throughout your golf swing.  Yoga is practiced barefoot which provides you with a physical connection to the earth beneath you which then helps with balance and co-ordination.

You need mobility and flexibility throughout your whole body to increase your range of movement.  Yoga helps you develop your mobility and flexibility which in turn provides progress in golf due to an increased range of movement.

You need complete body awareness and the ability to focus on your golf.  Yoga helps you gain complete body awareness, helping you notice how you are feeling and using this to improve your form.

You need the mind-set to concentrate on being in the present moment.  Yoga provides you with self-awareness, giving you the ability to fully concentrate, to be in the here and now, even in times of physical, mental and emotional stress.

You need breath awareness to bring yourself in to the present moment to deepen concentration.  Yoga focuses on breath awareness, to really concentrate on breathing and to notice how we feel as we breathe. Breath awareness also leads to postural awareness and release of physical tension.

By introducing your body and mind to the fundamental aspects of yoga including movement, mindfulness and breathing, the practise can help enhance your performance in golf.

Yoga includes mindful breathing techniques, breath awareness becomes second nature on the course. Mindful breathing increases oxygen flow to muscles, relieving tension, and allowing rhythm and tempo in your swing.

Allow yoga to help you play to your utmost ability, play effectively, enjoy your game and realise your potential.