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Kelly Victoria Thorn
Owner & Senior Instructor at Inner Power Pilates

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I came to the Fylde coast from Yorkshire via Brisbane and it was in Australia where I decided to study as a Fitness Specialist, strength and conditioning coach, and then finally I discovered this thing called Pilates… I had no idea what it was, but I thought I had better learn that as well, so off I went to do a Matwork and then some Apparatus teacher training… Unfortunately, it was around this time that I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and after surgical treatment I decided to come back to the UK, briefly abandoning my dreams of working in the Pilates industry.

After recovering from this setback, I decided I needed a challenge and one of the things I love to do is trail running. After my physio and podiatrist both told me that I wouldn’t be able to do more than 15 miles a week (at the time I had foot problems, collapsing arches, ‘shin splints’, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, developing bunions, arthritis in my big toes), I decided to sign up for the Himalayas 100 Mile Stage race. I started running distances up to 40 miles at a weekend and over a year developed the stamina to complete the 100 miles out in the Himalayas – one of the highlights of my life.  Although this is a great achievement, and one which I am proud to say resulted in not a single blister in the entire 100 miles, it was still apparent that something was very wrong.  Why did everything hurt when I was apparently fit and healthy?

It was this question that led me to studying the Pilates method in greater detail, but with many different providers… Polestar, Body Control and many, many others.  I then expanded my interests and studied with Katy Bowman, Liz Koch, John Gibbons, Brea Johnson, Donna Farhi and, most recently, Holly Murray… Pilates for me is like magic.  It has created balance in my body and a greater sense of precision and alignment in my own movement.  It is THE intelligent exercise method and nothing else comes close.

Qualifications and Experience
(These trainings and qualifications have been completed over the last 11 years and are listed here in order of subject area rather than chronologically)

600 hour Full Comprehensive Training Programme – Holly Murray, Pi Studios (currently studying towards)
Level 4 Award Certificate in Instructing Pilates Matwork (currently studying towards)
Level 4 Award Back Pain Specialist
Level 3 Award in Designing Pre- and Postnatal Pilates Programmes.
Level 3 Award in Physical Activity (Pilates) and Health Considerations for the Older Adult.
Level 3 Award in Designing Pilates Programmes for Bone Health
Pilates Apparatus Studio Induction 20hrs
Studio Repertoire 1, 2, 3 60hrs
Advanced Gait Course – Polestar Pilates
Hip Stability Protocol – OCO & Inner Power Pilates
Shoulder Stability Protocol – OCO & Inner Power Pilates
Essential Reformer – Michael King
Understanding Stretching and Flexibility – J Pilates
Intermediate Matwork – Body Control Pilates
Movement & Adaptations – Body Control Pilates (due 2019)
Standing Pilates – Body Control Pilates
Studio Pilates, Studio Equipment & Matwork – Studio Pilates International
Reformer Level 1 and 2 – Marie Claire Prettyman
Lonna Mosow’s: Pilates Programme Design & Progression
Lonna Mosow’s: The Art of Teaching the Art of Joseph Pilates
Trigger Point Pilates – Lydia Campbell

Movement / Fitness / Coaching
MovNat Elements – MovNat
12 hour Psoas Workshop – Core Awareness Liz Koch
Strength and Conditioning Level I – KBT Education
Kettlebell Training Level I and II – Australian Kettlebell Institute
Athlete Support Level 3 – Australian Institute of Applied Science
Diploma Fitness Specialist – Australian Institute of Applied Science
Crossfit Level 1 Coach
Crossfit Mobility Trainer
Cert III Fitness  – Australian Institute of Applied Science
Sports Coach Level 3 – Australian Institute of Applied Science
Specialist Biomechanics Coach
I Move Freely Coach

The Modern Yogi Immersion – Brea Johnson Heart & Bones Yoga
Sustainable Yoga 2 Day Intensive – Brea Johnson Heart & Bones Yoga
Yoga Alliance 200+hr Yoga Teacher Training (Vinyasa)
Yoga Alliance 300+hr Yoga Teacher Training (PENDING)

QCF Level 3 Award in Education and Training
AIQ Teaching Pilates Matwork Level 3 Diploma

Restorative Exercise
Restorative Exercise Specialist – Nutritious Movement (Dec17)
Healthy Foot Practitioner – Nutritious Movement (Mar17)

Yes, I know this list is ridiculous and, yes, it is the reason why I can’t afford a holiday or a car… but it has been sooooo worth it to spend this much time with some amazing teachers, mentors and others.  Unfortunately, I believe that the more you dive into human movement, the less you actually know 🙂 I can’t promise to have all the answers, but I can promise that I will be there to help you figure it out.

Body Work/Manual Therapy
Gary Carter Anatomy & Myofascial Movement (June18-June19)
Cervical Spine Masterclass – John Gibbons
Knee Masterclass – John Gibbons
Shoulder Masterclass – John Gibbons
Hip & Groin Masterclass – John Gibbons
Muscle Energy Techniques  – John Gibbons
Vital Psoas & Glutes Masterclass – John Gibbons
Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques – John Gibbons
Pelvis Sacroiliac Join and Lumbar Spine Masterclass – John Gibbons (Sept18)
Neurological Testing – John Gibbons (Sept18)
Kinesiology Taping for Athletes – John Gibbons (Sept18)
Spinal Manipulation & Mobilisation – John Gibbons
BodyMaster Method Practitioner Diploma (currently studying)
Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation
Sports Massage III and IV
Introduction to the Hendrickson Method
Hendrickson Method – Lower Limb
SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) – Functional Movement Systems
Healthy Foot Practitioner – Nutritious Movement

Online Training
Buff Bones Programme – Rebekah Rotstein
The Origins of Misalignment: Focus on Forward Bends – Doug Keller
Healthy Back, Healthy Body: Yoga for Flexibility and Back Pain Relief – Eva Norlyk Smith
Mobility Based Conditioning: Bodyweight Drills for Stronger Yoga Asana – Jules Mitchell
Donna Farhi: Anatomy of a Centred Body – Resolving Structural Imbalances in the Body – the Psoas
Donna Farhi: Anatomy of a Centred Body – Resolving Structural Imbalances in the Body – the Cylinder of Support
Restore Your Core – Lauren O’Hanyon
Cadillac Flow – OCO
Shoulder Home Programme for Professionals – OCO
Shoulder Wow Factor for Professionals – OCO
Shoulder Stabilisation and Precision in Rehabilitation – OCO
Yoga for High Blood Pressure: Principles for Prevention and Practice – Baxter Bell
Balancing your Foundational Core: Pelvic Floor Health for Men and Women – Leslie Howard
Creating Embodiment: The Role of Yoga in Healing Somatic Amnesia – Thomas Myers
Avoiding Yoga Injuries: Common Mistakes in Back Bends and Lateral Bends
Pilates for Scoliosis – Madeline Black
Lumbo-Pelvic Pain – Polestar Pilates Inside Bone Health – Rebekah Rotstein, Kane School, Pilates Anytime
Before the Hundred – Cara Reeser
Kathy’s Cats – Blossom Leilani Crawford