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Why Pilates

Not sure if Pilates is for you or you wonder why we are all so obsessed with it, here's some inspiration.

90 Day Challenge Prep

In honour of our 90 Day Pilates challenge, I have created a Playlist on our YouTube channel which details all the Pilates mat exercises for you to refer to in one place.  Click the top left icon for a list of all the exercises included in this Playlist....

Five Year Anniversary Birthday Bash

Saturday 19 January 10am-10pm Inner Power Pilates is 5 years old this January. To celebrate we are hosting a full day of classes from 10am onwards. Come and join in. Open to everyone. From around 4pm we will put on some music, get out the wine and food and...

New 4 Week Reformer Courses

Two New 4 Week Reformer Courses Tuesday 8-29 January 5.30-6.30pm Wednesday 9-30 January 6.30-7.30pm This is a four week course, maximum of five people, suitable for fit and healthy individuals.  It will teach you the basics of the Pilates Reformer, after...

Being Brave & Moving On

For many, Pilates is simply a group class in a gym or church hall where they lie down on a mat for an hour, wiggle about a bit and go home.  The fact that there was some bloke called Joseph Pilates who invented all this stuff nearly 100 years ago isn’t...

Teasers for Tatas

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month and we decided to get involved with both Breast Cancer Awareness and 'Teasers for Tatas', which is the US Pilates support for breast cancer awareness.  We raised about £500 overall... here are the pics.  Thanks to...

Kelly’s Cancer Story

Ten years ago I was lucky enough not to get breast cancer… I got butt cancer instead, but given there isn’t a Butt Cancer Awareness month, we went with supporting Breast Cancer Awareness instead.  This here’s my almost true story, alongside the before and...

Pilates for Rehabilitation

Our fast-paced life, high stress levels and high impact, high intensity workout strategies mean that we are placing additional pressure on both our bodies and our minds.  It is perhaps no surprise that rehabilitation programs and corrective exercise have become so...

What we Do

Group Matwork & Large Equipment Classes
We offer small group classes based on the original teachings of Joseph Pilates on the mat and other Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Tower, Chair, Cadillac and Barrels.

Private Pilates
Tailored one to one sessions to support your individual Pilates requirements.  We can work with you for rehabilitation, physio exercises, athlete and sporting performance or general Pilates practice.  Private sessions are designed to get you where you want to go FAST.

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