Why You Don’t Need To Be Super Bendy to be a Yogi

I remember when I used to say “I can’t do Yoga, I’m not as bendy as I used to be”.

I said it for many years and it put me off attending Yoga classes. The mere thought of students tying themselves in knots and turning themselves inside out used to intimidate me…..

Then a point came in my life when I was drawn to attend a class. I’m not sure if I found Yoga or Yoga found me. My first practise wasn’t the frightening experience I had imagined. I loved how welcomed I was, the calmness, the practise itself, how relaxed I was afterwards and the eagerness to attend my next class.

Yoga provides different benefits for people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes. It is an opportunity to explore your own unique body. Afterall, we are all unique, all individual and all experience different things. Yoga is not always about the physical postures. It may feel great to be able to touch your toes or balance on one leg but if you study the history of Yoga this is not its definitive intention. It’s not all about being bendy and flexible; having skill and strength.

Every time you step on to your mat you will feel something different. Your practise will be different and you will take away something different. Your practise will be your time on your mat; a time to spoil yourself with a strength in your body, a calming of your mind, a focus on your breath and more importantly, it’s your time just for YOU!


You will relax your body and mind. You will focus on your breath. You will gently warm up your body. You will follow a practise of guided Yoga poses focusing on you. Your teacher can help you by making slight adjustments to your poses for correct alignment. Your practise will come to a close with further relaxation to help the body and mind settle your energy and absorb the benefits of your Yoga practise.

You will be in the here and now.

Your physical practise will develop over time, increasing your range of movement and helping your flexibility.

So, who cares if your fellow student is a human pretzel – it doesn’t make them a better Yogi! Being bendy doesn’t make you more knowledgeable, stronger or better at Yoga.

Sometimes there can be a stigma attached to Yoga, don’t let this put you off.


Victoria (Vicky) Rietdyk