shoulderpainOur fast-paced life, high stress levels and high impact, high intensity workout strategies mean that we are placing additional pressure on both our bodies and our minds.  It is perhaps no surprise that rehabilitation programs and corrective exercise have become so popular as we try to prevent our bodies from breaking down.  

Injuries or even just deterioration due to trauma or lifestyle often creates or is caused by muscular imbalance.  Our muscular system is designed to work in balance.  When we are injured or spend excessive periods of time performing repetitive movements (sitting, running, typing, driving), our bodies start to adapt and inefficiencies due to tissue weakness and tightness occur. These imbalances can leave us susceptible to further injury or just not quite as mobile or able as we were before the injury or when we were younger.

Pilates can help in the rehabilitation of injuries and also their prevention as it focuses on strengthening the entire body, not just one particular area.  The Pilates method and the use of all the large equipment help to optimise the function of both mind and body as the Pilates system focuses on balancing the strength, flexibility and stability of the body as a whole.  It therefore also targets the weaker muscle groups affected by imbalances in the body. This means that the exercises you do in Pilates strengthen parts of you that have been neglected due to injury or just your normal exercise routine and daily lifestyle.

The Pilates repertoire teaches you how to use your body efficiently and as a result mitigate the imbalances caused by life.  It teaches you how to perform your normal daily movements or sporting movements better and thus keep you injury free for longer and able to move better as you age.  The Pilates system teaches the body to move well from the feet up, lengthening those tight areas and strengthening weaker ones.  The equipment allows for many different exercises to be performed to teach correct movement at all stages of life and injury.  Prevention is definitely better than cure, and Pilates is an intelligent system designed to to do just this.