Private Tuition

Tailored programmes to help you achieve your movement goals

To Book Private Tuition

Please call Kelly on 07510 744242 or email

Private One to One Sessions

Private classes tailored specifically for you and your body are available with Senior instructor, Kelly, for rehabilitation, prehabilitation, sports performance, alignment coaching, biomechanics and gait analysis.  Or if you want to really catapult you Pilates or Movement Practice to the next level or have particular injuries or goals, then working one to one with an instructor is the key.

There are various options for your Private tuition which will depend entirely on your body and what you hope to achieve from the session.  If you are fit and healthy and looking to really get stuck in to Pilates practice, then a single one to one sessions coupled with either another group class per week or diligent homework practice would suit you.  If you are suffering from any low back pain or other injury then a rehabilitation programme might be better.  If you are looking to enhance your sport or to improve your golf, then we have specific programmes for this as well.

Sessions offered:

  • Pilates on the mat or large equipment
  • Yoga
  • Alignment Coaching
  • Running Clinic – running form analysis including shoe fit.
  • Gait Analysis – offered as part of the alignment coaching
  • Prehabilitation – to prevent injury
  • Rehabilitation – if you’re being referred by a medical professional.