Rehabilitation Pilates & Restorative Exercise

Post-rehabilitation and New or Recurrent Injury Prevention

Kelly has a special interest in helping her students achieve and maintain the best possible efficient movement and mobility for their bodies.  She uses her background as a Specialist Biomechanics Coach, Lower Back Specialist, professional Pilates instructor and Sports Therapist to take her clients through a tailored programme of exercises both on the mat and using the large equipment to increase strength, flexibility and mobility and to reduce pain and re-establish good movement.

Pilates can assist with:

Low back pain

Pilates has been found to have a positive effect on those suffering from certain types of low back pain.  Typically, the majority of people suffering with low back pain do not have any serious underlying cause for it and can be helped with a tailored programme of 6-12 weeks of Pilates mobility and strengthening exercises.

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Pilates can assist in the rehabilitation process post-surgery for hip replacement, knee arthroscopy, shoulder/hip labral tears and many other surgical interventions on joints and muscles.  Often clients who come to us have been through intensive physiotherapy but found that the point at which that finishes is not the point at which they have achieved full function.  They need continued support and a programme of strengthening to help them get back to their normal everyday activities.


This term refers to prevention of injury.  Pilates can be done on a standalone basis to make sure that your body is less likely to become injured through wear and tear, muscular imbalances or other musculoskeletal issues (it can even help prevent some traumatic injuries).  Sportspeople, dancers and other athletes have long recognised the benefits of ensuring that the body is kept mobile, aligned and flexible and the impact that this can have on their performance in their sport, but also on their reduced injury rate.

Pilates was originally developed to help deal with injuries. It focuses on developing strength alongside optimal functioning of the body and in positions that are functional to everyday living.  Pilates teaches you how to use your body efficiently and effectively, especially during movements of daily activity, including walking and lifting objects.