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Here’s Sarah doing her fabulous unicorn impression – it has become a bit of a challenge to see which pics I can get away with and for how long before she spots ’em 😀

I am not naturally an active person I would much prefer being curled up on the couch watching a film, however this is a sure way to guarantee my hips and/or knees won’t make it to old age.

I believe our bodies require natural movements i.e. Movements found in nature and lots of them all day everyday to to give stimulation to our cells and to maintain optimum health.

After working in a fairly sedentary profession for 20 years I started to notice there were certain movements I had lost somewhere along the way. This sparked my interest in movement. I found Pilates, decided that teaching movement was what I was actually wanted to be doing and decided to train initially as a Pilates teacher. I now teach Pilates, Restorative Exercise and Hatha Yoga with alignment and restorative influences. I am also blessed to now train and assess new Pilates Teachers under Active IQ and Inner Power Pilates Teacher Training LTD.

I am a big believer in lifelong learning and constantly seek to improve my knowledge and understanding from a wide range of sources, all with a similar theme of living a healthy, happy, balanced life. I am hoping that by incorporating different movement practices into my sessions will enable me to become a more well rounded holistic movement teacher. My intention has always been to help other people, and empower them to take charge of their own bodies and futures.

I believe many of our modern diseases are caused through our unhealthy sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices unfortunately when the culture around you tells you everyone else is doing the same you accept it as normal when it’s far from it. I want to challenge the beliefs of our culture one barefoot step at a time.

Pilates Apparatus Studio Induction 20 Hours May 2015
Studio Repertoire 1, 2, 3 60hrs
Lonna Mosow’s: Pilates Programme Design & Progression.
Lonna Mosow’s: The Art of Teaching Joseph Pilates.
Trigger Point Pilates Teacher Level 1 Lydia Campbell November 2015
Advanced Gait Polestar Pilates November 2015
Trigger Point Pilates Teacher Level 2 Lydia Campbell November 2016
Healthy Foot Practitioner Restorative Exercise Institute January 2017
MovNat Elements MovNat February 2017
Level 3 Award in Designing Pilates Programmes for Bone Health
Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Mat Pilates.

12 Hour Psoas Workshop Liz Koch July 2017
HFE Level 3 Yoga Teacher Diploma August 2017
The Modern Yogi Teacher Development Brea Johnson Heart and Bones Yoga. August 2017
Restorative Exercise Specialist, Nutritious Movement December 2017.
QCF Level 3 Award in Education and Training January 2018
Level 4 Certificate in Instructing Pilates Matwork Body Control Pilates (completion due 2018)
Body Control Pilates Intermediate Mat Pilates
Level 3 Award in Designing Pre- and Postnatal Pilates Programmes.
Level 3 Award in Physical Activity (Pilates) and Health Considerations for the Older Adult.