Pilates for Performance

Increase performance, decrease injury

A Performance Pilates Programmes includes:

Tailored Pilates Programme

A programme designed for you and your sport.  Kelly has a strong background in biomechanics and combines this knowledge with Pilates to structure a programme around your specific sport and/or movement patterns and issues.

Group classes can be effective, but a tailored, progressive programme will launch your Pilates practice and obtain you the best results in the shortest time-frame.

Personalised Warm Up Routines

An effective warm up should include exercises to activate the muscle groups necessary for the work to follow. A tailored warm up that targets the “weaker” muscles can greatly increase speed, agility and power as well as ward off fatigue and injury. Rather than using a general warm-up/stretching routine, a personalised session is more time efficient and more effective and will enhance performance and can prevent overuse injuries.

Flexibility & Stretching

Muscle tightness and limited range of motion not only inhibit performance, but are common causes of pain and a variety of preventable injuries. Many muscle strains and tears, and damage to tendons and ligaments are some risks associated with inflexibility. A proper stretching routine will sharpen performance and can potentially lengthen the life of an athlete’s career.

The Competitive Edge

Pilates is becoming an integral part of many athletic training regimens. Core strength, efficiency and flexibility create an advantage that can have great impact at the professional level.

Performance Pilates is the perfect solution for any athlete looking to gain an edge. Pilates will make you stronger, more in tune with your body and able to recover faster

Inner Power Pilates offer specialist Pilates preventative programmes to meet the physical demands of any athlete.  We have developed a specialised seasonal protocol including conditioning, tailored warm-ups and stretching routines that will keep you moving and injury free.

What can Pilates do for the Athlete:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce potential injury by correcting faulty movement patterns
  • Improve alignment of the body, particularly useful for unilateral sports such as golf, tennis, squash etc.
  • Help to maintain posture and reduce the chance of overuse injuries
  • Enhance flexibility with a strength component to increase power from vulnerable positions
  • Train the core with stabilisation exercises to improve balance and help prevent/alleviate back and hip pain
  • Identify muscle imbalances and recruitment deficiencies to implement corrective exercises
  • Focus on muscle activation techniques to prevent compensatory movements and overuse injuries