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everything you need to know about starting PILATES


We are a professional Pilates studio, as such the Pilates sessions we offer may be completely different to what you are used to or what you expect, particularly if you’ve never seen a piece of Pilates apparatus.  We appreciate that most people are new to PROPER Pilates and as such the options and booking can appear complex.  I hope that this page answers the majority of your questions, but please contact us if you need help!



What is it?

Pilates is a system of exercises using body weight and special apparatus designed to improve stability, strength, stretch and stamina.  Whilst traditional ‘exercise’ encourages you to focus on calories burned, high intensity and what you look like to the outside world.  Pilates encourages you to look beyond the boring mindset of endless repetition, three sets of ten, and offers you the GIFT of MOVEMENT. Pilates is the NEXT LEVEL in training. It is an intelligent system of exercises designed to carry over into real life. It empowers you to take your body and to teach it to do things that it couldn’t before.  As a result of moving better, your physique changes, your clothes fit better, and you’re stronger and better than before at any level. Unlike traditional gym-based exercise, Pilates is an empowering and sustainable training method.

Joseph Pilates teaching one of his protoges, Eve Gentry, on a range of Pilates equipment.  Yes, he’s teaching in his undies – he always did 🙂 although I think technically they’re just really tight short shorts!

Taken at our 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Event

Who are We?

About Us

Although we are a dedicated and professional Pilates studio, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t all just a little bit mad and it helps if you are too.  Our Pilates students are not all skinny-minnies, dancing around in Lycra thongs.  In fact, our demographic is forties onwards (as are our teachers), with a focus on women who are taking a look at their bodies and their exercise regimes and deciding that high intensity, high impact is just not what they need and actually isn’t working other than to break them down.  Our male clients tend towards their fifties onwards as they too realise that their exercise regime is actually reinforcing their issues, not solving them.  Pilates is playful, it’s meant to be fun.  It is NOT comfortable, it IS hard work, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a giggle while we’re doing it.


Getting Started

What Next?

Book in for a 30 minute free consultation to pop in for a chinwag and a nosy and to discuss your situation and goals.  We can then advise you on the best route to take.  All new students are required to do either a beginner course on the large equipment or one to one sessions so that we can assess your current level, advise on appropriate classes and teach you how to use the equipment safely.  Our next beginner courses can be found on our Facebook page or below.  To book your intro package, free consultation or course, contact us or download the Mindbody App (this is our booking system) and search for Inner Power Pilates.  You can also use the booking widgets below.


Book NOW

You can use the enrollment widget to view and book our next courses, and the appointments widget to book individual intro packages and the free consultation.

New 4 Week Reformer Courses

Two New 4 Week Reformer Courses Tuesday 8-29 January 5.30-6.30pm Wednesday 9-30 January 6.30-7.30pm This is a four week course, maximum of five people, suitable for fit and healthy individuals.  It will teach you the basics of the Pilates Reformer, after...

What we Do

Small Group Mat & Large Equipment Classes
Our classes are based on the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.  We offer sessions on the mat, Reformer, Tower, Chairs and Barrels.

Private Pilates
Tailored individual sessions designed to get you where you want to go FAST.

Specialist Pilates
Back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis, post-rehab and other issues.  

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Don't be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!

Call Kelly on 07510 744242 or email kelly@innerpowerpilates.co.uk

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