Are you thinking about training to become a Pilates Teacher and transforming your life and your career?

Inner Power Pilates

Professional Pilates Teacher Training Programme

Our next Teacher Training starts in March 2018

Information Evening – Friday 19 January 2018 6-9pm come and find out all about the course, ask questions and get excited about your new career in Pilates Teaching – book here.

Why Train to be a Pilates Teacher?

Pilates is not simply a mindless exercise regime, the Pilates method is an intelligent system of exercises, both on the mat and the large apparatus, which teaches you to move well not just in class, but for LIFE.

Joseph Pilates created his method and called it Contrology.  The journey from that point to where we are now has seen many changes within the fitness industry as a whole and within the Pilates industry.  Pilates is growing in popularity and has gained many celebrity followers in its time.  The principles of Pilates, including breathing, control and precision ensure that rapid change can be experienced in the body when a person is taught well.

Becoming a Pilates teacher opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  You can simply teach Pilates on the mat with small equipment and be very successful, or you might decide that you want to learn the whole method and study to teach on the large apparatus as well.  Whatever your choice, we are here to support you.

There will of course be many ups and downs as you go through the teacher training and as you start to teach your new students, but the rewards far outweigh any misgivings or wobbles in confidence that you have along the way.  Meeting people, gaining new friends who are also clients and students is just the beginning.  Learning how to help those with painful joints, sore backs or other issues is truly a gift.

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Please note: Our teacher training is currently undergoing approval by Active IQ and we expect this to be complete by mid January at the latest.  We will be registering interest and accepting applications without payment until this approval is in place.  

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