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Kelly Victoria Thorn
Owner & Senior Instructor at Inner Power Pilates

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I came to the Fylde coast from Yorkshire via Brisbane and it was in Australia where I decided to study as a Fitness Specialist, strength and conditioning coach, and Mat and Apparatus Pilates instructor – I also had my first introduction to CrossFit, after which I eventually trained as a coach and also competed.  Whilst in Australia I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and after surgical treatment decided to come back to the UK.

After recovering from this setback, I decided I needed a challenge and one of the things I love to do is trail running. After my physio and podiatrist both told me that I wouldn’t be able to do more than 15 miles a week (at the time I had collapsed arches, knees that turned in, ‘shin splints’ hip pain, knee pain, foot pain), I decided to sign up for the Himalayas 100 Mile Stage race. I started running distances up to 40 miles at a weekend and over a year developed the stamina to complete the 100 miles out in the Himalayas – one of the highlights of my life.  Although this is a great achievement, it was still apparent that something was very wrong.  Why did everything hurt?

I then found Katy Bowman… and EVERYTHING changed… life, furniture, I’d like to say shoes but I’d started doing that already (badly!)… studying to be a Restorative Exercise Specialist has been amazing, frustrating, painful, liberating and mind-bending… it is and will remain one of the most influential experiences of my life.

My mission is to help as many people as possible live a movement-filled life that is pain free.  Despite the fact that Pilates is written on the sign above the door, it is just another tool in my Movement Therapist toolbox.   I am currently studying towards the Yoga Alliance Yoga 500 hour Teacher Training and Level 5 Advanced Clinical Diploma in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, shadowing with John Olsson at Highfield Sports Injury Clinic.  When not wandering barefoot on the beach, hanging from a branch/bar or sitting on the floor, I can be found slaving over a hot torch in my Woman Cave creating unique flamework glass jewellery under the artist name, Evil Edna Designs.

Qualifications and Experience
(These trainings and qualifications have been completed over the last 11 years and are listed here in order of subject area rather than chronologically)

Body Work/Manual Therapy
Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation
Sports Massage III and IV
Introduction to the Hendrickson Method
Hendrickson Method – Lower Limb
SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) – Functional Movement Systems
Healthy Foot Practitioner – Nutritious Movement

Donna Farhi: Anatomy of a Centred Body – Resolving Structural Imbalances in the Body – the Psoas
Donna Farhi: Anatomy of a Centred Body – Resolving Structural Imbalances in the Body – the Cylinder of Support
The Modern Yogi Immersion – Brea Johnson Heart & Bones Yoga
Sustainable Yoga 2 Day Workshop – Brea Johnson Heart & Bones Yoga
Yoga Alliance 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (Vinyasa)
Yoga Alliance 500hr Yoga Teacher Training (pending)

Restorative Exercise
Restorative Exercise Specialist – Nutritious Movement
Healthy Foot Practitioner – Nutritious Movement

Movement / Fitness / Coaching
MovNat Elements – MovNat
12 hour Psoas Workshop – Core Awareness Liz Koch
Strength and Conditioning Level I – KBT Education
Kettlebell Training Level I and II – Australian Kettlebell Institute
Athlete Support Level 3 – Australian Institute of Applied Science
Diploma Fitness Specialist – Australian Institute of Applied Science
Crossfit Level 1 Coach
Crossfit Mobility Trainer

NM Certified RES logo

Pilates Studio Pilates Specialist Qualification 100+hrs Pilates Apparatus Studio Induction 20hrs Studio Repertoire 1, 2, 3 60hrs Studio Teaching, Observation, Performance, Reflection & Assessment Pilates for Scoliosis – Madeline Black Trigger Point Pilates – Lydia Campbell Advanced Gait Course – Polestar Pilates Lonna Mosow’s: Pilates Programme Design & Progression Lonna Mosow’s: The Art of Teaching the Art of Joseph Pilates Essential Reformer – Michael King Understanding Lumbo-Pelvic Pain – Polestar Pilates Inside Bone Health – Rebekah Rotstein, Kane School, Pilates Anytime Before the Hundred – Cara Reeser Kathy’s Cats – Blossom Leilani Crawford Stretching and Flexibility – J Pilates ‘Firing Up Your Bum’ workshop – Modern Pilates Intermediate Matwork – Body Control Pilates Standing Pilates – Body Control Pilates Studio Pilates Matwork – Studio Pilates International Level 3 Matwork Level 1 and 2 Reformer – Marie Claire Prettyman Education QCF Level 3 Award in Education and Training AIQ Teaching Pilates Matwork Level 3 Diploma Cont… Cert III Fitness  – Australian Institute of Applied Science Sports Coach Level 3 – Australian Institute of Applied Science Specialist Biomechanics Coach I Move Freely Coach Level 4 Back Pain Specialist   STO_mEMBER (1)

Sarah Wilson

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Level 3 Mat & Equipment Instructor

I am not naturally an active person I would much prefer being curled up on the couch watching a film, however this is a sure way to guarantee my hips and/or knees won’t make it to old age! I believe our bodies require natural movements i.e. Movements found in nature and lots of them all day everyday to to give stimulation to our structure and maintain optimum health.

After working in a fairly sedentary profession for 20 years I started to notice there were certain movements I had lost somewhere along the way. This sparked my interest in movement. I found Pilates, decided that teaching movement was what I was actually wanted to be doing and decided to train initially as a Pilates teacher. I now teach both Pilates Mat and large studio equipment sessions, and have just started teaching Hatha Yoga with alignment and restorative influences.

I am a big believer in lifelong learning and constantly seek to improve my knowledge and understanding from a wide range of sources, all with a similar theme of living a healthy, happy, balanced life. I am currently studying Restorative Exercise, hoping that by incorporating different movement practices into my sessions will enable me to become a more well rounded holistic movement teacher.

Kelly and I share a passion for Ancestral Health and this includes movement, nutrition, sleep, community, and the environment. I want to share with others of the same mind what I am learning as we progress along our journey together.

My intention has always been to help other people, and empower them to take charge of their own bodies and futures.

I believe many of our modern diseases are caused through our unhealthy sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices unfortunately when the culture around you tells you everyone else is doing the same you accept it as normal when it’s far from it. I want to challenge the beliefs of our culture one barefoot step at a time.

Qualifications & Experience

HFE Level 3 May Pilates Teacher January 2015.
Pilates Apparatus Studio Induction 20 Hours May 2015
Studio Repertoire 1, 2, 3 60hrs
Studio Teaching, Observation, Performance, Reflection & Assessment
Lonna Mosow’s: Pilates Programme Design & Progression.
Lonna Mosow’s: The Art of Teaching Joseph Pilates.
Trigger Point Pilates Teacher Level 1 Lydia Campbell November 2015
Advanced Gait Polestar Pilates November 2015
Trigger Point Pilates Teacher Level 2 Lydia Campbell November 2016
Healthy Foot Practitioner Restorative Exercise Institute January 2017
MovNat Elements  MovNat February 2017
12 Hour Psoas Workshop Liz Koch July 2017
HFE Level 3 Yoga Teacher Diploma  August 2017
The Modern Yogi Teacher Development Brea Johnson Heart and Bones Yoga. August 2017
Studio Pilates Specialist Qualification 100+ hours MBodies.
Level 3 Exercise for Older Adults pending

Tracy Coyne

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Level 3 Pilates Mat Instructor
I worked as a hairdresser for 22 years and that job took its toll on my body. At the age of six, I discovered that I couldn’t put my left arm straight up above my head. I was sent to Alder Hey Hospital where I went every year until I reached full growth (which is small haha). I was diagnosed with scoliosis and Sprengel’s shoulder, a rare skeletal abnormality where one shoulder blade sits higher than the other. As a result of this, the shoulder joint doesn’t function properly. I continued with my desire to be a hairdresser and coped quite well until the year 2000 when I had a car crash, since which my body has never been the same. After years of constant pain, physiotherapy and other treatments, my job finally got the better of me and I went part-time. My body was still suffering and I was wondering which way to turn as it seemed no one could help, and no one understood the pain, the frustration and even depression.
I finally came across Kelly at Inner Power Pilates in October 2013 and I have never looked back! I have been doing Pilates for over a year and although my body will always be mechanically different, Pilates has helped me become stronger physically and mentally, and more positive about the future. Because of how Pilates has helped me, I decided I wanted to become an instructor so I can continue to improve my own physical and mental strength, but also to help others where they feel nothing is out there for them, when actually Pilates can be a fantastic way to cope with pain and stress. It’s also great for toning, losing weight, balance, flexibility, strength and state of mind. It’s also a great way to meet new people and I hope to see you all in class soon.
Qualifications and Experience
Level 3 Mat Pilates

Ruth Gibbons

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Level 3 Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor

After finishing my degree in maths I decided I never wanted to look at another equation, so promptly became a business analyst then project manager for a financial company in Manchester. When given the opportunity to travel the world I grabbed it and whilst away decided to chase a dream of working with animals – so on return became a veterinary nurse.

Later my husband’s work led us to move abroad, where I helped at a local dog behaviour centre. And it was whilst living abroad that I discovered Pilates – admittedly only because it was advertised as an English speaking class and I was struggling to learn the foreign language! But my addiction was instantaneous.

Having had a badly damaged shoulder after falling off a horse years earlier, I discovered that it had not really recovered correctly and Pilates helped me return the movement and strength. it also unexpectedly improved my strength for other hobbies – running, cycling and roller skiing.

On returning to the UK, I recently moved to the area, (well I was only meant to be staying for 6 months, but fell in love with the sea side living!) I discovered Inner Power Pilates – and leapt at the opportunity to become a Pilates teacher, especially at a dedicated studio, and one that contains reformers, my favourite bit of kit!

Qualifications and Experience

Level 3 Mat Pilates
Reformer Training