Sunday 28 June saw the first Trigger Point Pilates workshop.  A full 90 minutes of stretching, release, mobility and relaxation designed to ease tired bodies and stressed minds.  I think everyone went away feeling taller and with a greater sense of ease in their movement.  We will be holding further workshops when the new upstairs studios open in October.

Read some of the comments from the participants below.

You can read more about Trigger Point Pilates here.

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One of our Thursday night students, Andy, practicing his trigger point release work on a foam roller.


Vicky Rietdyk

Even though I practise Myofascial Release/Trigger Points at home using my foam roller & massage balls it’s not the same as attending a class or workshop to be able to fully concentrate & feel the full benefits. After spending a few days in London and being out of my normal routine Kelly’s workshop was just what I needed. Even though all of us students concentrated on breathing and movement we had a right good giggle too. I felt great afterwards, city/travel/heat tension all released! Plus, the following day I felt about 3inches taller….. Really looking forward to the next one and can’t recommend enough!!!’

Gill Pearson

The Trigger Point workshop was fun and informative. I didn’t realise laying on a roller could be relaxing! I spent four hours driving later in the day without suffering any real ill effects. I’m normally fairly stiff at the end of the drive.

I took my newly purchased roller with me and used it to work out my tight spots the next day and have used it almost daily since the workshop.

I would recommend it to anyone.

Jenny Sedgwick

Loved the trigger point workshop for so many reasons.. . Mainly my lower back pain dissapeared. I put my body through strain due to been a carer i do manual handling several times a day. Learning all the different techniques to do soft tissue realease on myself is a godsend. The trigger point balls have been to work with everyday since..... The day of the workshop i felt calm & anxiety free.  Thank you kelly so much... you should so do more workshops. Forever thankful