Your Tutors

You can read mine (Kelly) and Sarah’s professional profiles (including the reams of qualifications we have) on the Teachers page.  Here I wanted to give you a better idea of who we are as people.

Sarah became a student of mine four years ago when she came to the studio to start practicing Pilates.  It didn’t take long before she very timidly asked me how long I thought she would have to wait before she did her Pilates teacher training.  I was so excited I nearly grabbed her and dragged her to a teacher training there and then.  And so it began.  Sarah became my first student to become a Pilates teacher and two more quickly followed.  So there are now four of us at the studio, me who is full time and Sarah who still does a bit of dental hygiene (her boring day job), Tracy, who is also a hairdresser, and Ruth who has a dogwalking business.

Sarah manages to sort out her husband, two girls, Charlotte and Evie and her labradoodle, Poppy, and still find time to teach a hundred classes a week (slight exaggeration), clean some teeth and stop me from booking too many continuing education courses.  She keeps me sane and she is the calming influence of the two of us.

Me, I have two cats and one boyfriend, Simon.  Between Simon and my dad, we transformed a manky old office block into a beautiful studio space for Mat Pilates and then the large equipment.  You can see some pics on the gallery page. I am the manic one, the one who has lots of good ideas and would be doing them all if I had enough energy, time and money.  My teaching style is very blunt, Yorkshire and take no prisoners.  I love my Pilates students, it’s not work being at the studio, it’s almost a social event hanging out with friends.  I want them to do well and I push them just enough so that they’re always progressing.

Sarah and I decided to launch our teacher training programme partly because we wanted to train our own future instructors for the studio and partly because we felt that there was a lot missing from the basic Level 3 Award.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s fine if you’re just looking to do a few hours of teaching at a local gym every week, teaching a wide range of reasonably healthy adults in a large class size.  Great, nothing wrong with that.  BUT if you want to truly understand the Pilates method, the lineage (as best we can), how and why things happen, why people move the way they do, how to help fix people not just instruct them how to do an exercise, but how to truly get some change, then you need a more robust programme.  That is what we try and do with our teacher training, we try and give you the best possible start to springboard your career, but also to springboard your learning, to give you a taste of what’s out there, so you can continue to learn and become amazing teachers.  Just like us lol 🙂